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Please complete a Board Member Nomination Form (to nominate yourself or other UCDA member) and return to the UCDA Home Office by September 22, 2017. Call or email Tadson Bussey, Executive Director, at 615-459-4559 if you have any questions.

Download Board Nomination Form


General Function
(from UCDA Association Manual)
The UCDA Board of Directors is the primary policy-making body of the Association. The Board is empowered to determine policy, to propose and direct long-term planning, to delegate responsibilities, and to establish ongoing programs for the benefit of the Association.

Specific Board Member Guidelines for Eligibility
During the past five years a nominee must have fulfilled any three of the following below listed programs, one of which must be the annual Design Conference.

  • Attended UCDA Design Conference
  • Served as conference chair
  • Served as competition chair
  • Served as UCDA Design Summit chair
  • Served as UCDA Design Education Summit chair
  • Served as UCDA Workshop or other program host
  • Served on the Designer magazine advisory committee
  • Attended UCDA Design Summit
  • Attended UCDA Design Education Summit
  • Attended UCDA workshop
  • Other institutional, or program history that the board deem appropriate

General Responsibilities

  • Attends all official meetings of the Board of Directors as required;
  • Participates in the transaction of official Board business;
  • Participates in the initiation and planning of Association programs and long-term objectives and goals and advises the President on the general affairs of the Association;
  • Performs assigned duties and handles liaison responsibilities as delegated by the President;
  • Contacts (by calling or emailing) new board members each month based on a list provided by the home office;
  • Recruits coordinators and chairs as directed by the Board;
  • Represents the Board to the general membership.

Liaison Responsibilities

  • Monitors the planning, scheduling, and production of all UCDA programs and activities as assigned;
  • Reports regularly on these activities to the Board;
  • Advises and oversees the work of appointed coordinators, chairs, and/or volunteers;
  • Communicates from the Board to the appointed coordinators, chairs, and/or volunteers;
  • Organizes participation of member volunteers.


During the four-year commitment, you are required to attend two meetings each year:

  • A board meeting in early spring;
  • A board meeting in the fall at the annual UCDA Design Conference.

If you serve on the Executive Committee, there are two additional meetings a year. UCDA covers your expenses for board meetings, travel, and lodging.

You are asked to solicit your institution's support for your registration fee to the annual conference. If that is a hardship for your institution, your general registration can be waived. However, you or your institution will be responsible for a reduced registration fee at the annual conference (approximately $350).

Members considering running for Board terms are encouraged to ensure in advance the support and the extent of that support of their institution for volunteer involvement, as it does take some time during normal business hours.