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j.Charles Walker and John Brett Buchanan inaugurated the foundation's creation in 2008 by offering an undergraduate and/or graduate student Educational Scholarship to the annual UCDA Design Conference. 

Long-time UCDA members, and Kent State University Emeritus Professors of Visual Communication Design, j.Charles Walker and John Brett Buchanan announced the creation of the j.Charles Walker & John Brett Buchanan Foundation in 2008. Walker and Buchanan have long been involved in and committed to UCDA and visual communication/design education. Their foundation, when fully funded by their estates in partnership with the UCDA Foundation, was to provide scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in, and Kent State University alumni teaching in visual communication design at higher education institutions. In addition it will also provide funds for the promotion of visual communication design education through the underwriting of programs and seminars developed, organized, directed and offered by UCDA and the UCDA Foundation.

The jCW+JBB Educational Scholarships were awared between 2008-2014 (see past scholarship winners).

Beginning in 2016, the foundation annually funds the j.Charles Walker and John Brett Buchanan UCDA Design Education Keynote Speaker at the UCDA Design Education Summit.

In addition, the Tarragon Room at the UCDA Home Office is named in honor of j.Charles Walker and John Brett Buchanan for there generous donation of custom made wood furniture which they designed and used in their former design studio—Tarragon Graphics.

From the very beginning, UCDA has been guided and directed through the volunteer efforts of members who have participated in the leadership of the association. j.Charels Walker and John Brett Buchanan have acted with concern and interest for their profession and for their fellow designers to establish new programs and benefits and to expand the professional scope and statutes of the association.

j.Charles Walker, professor and the creator and first director of Kent State University's School of Visual Communication Design, began his teaching career at Kent in 1964. Joining UCDA in 1975, he served UCDA as vice-president, president, chair and member of its board of directors, and was the creator and director of Kent State University and UCDA's jointly offered and long running KSUCDA program. John Brett Buchanan, a professor at Kent State's VCD School began teaching at Kent in 1975, joined UCDA in 1976, and has served as treasurer, vice-president, president and member of its board of directors. He also served as coordinator of the KSUCDA summer design workshops. Both were awarded the UCDA Award in 2004 and were granted UCDA emeritus status, and served terms on the UCDA Foundation board.

Kent State University Walker-Buchanan Founders Award

Kent State University honored industry legends j.Charles Walker, School of Visual Communication Design founder, and John Brett Buchanan, creative director of Glyphix.

The inaugural dinner and first annual fundraiser event on April 8, 2015 endowed the prestigious Walker-Buchanan scholarship, awarded to students who exhibit academic excellence and outstanding portfolios in graphic design, illustration or photography.

Watch the Walker-Buchanan Founders Award tribute video by UCDA: