Amy Charron

Amy Charron


UCDA Board

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Amy Charron's Biography

Oregon State University
Art Director

I’m a native Oregonian, love it here and will probably never live anywhere else. I earned my degree in graphic from Oregon State
University and started working there a year after graduation... this is my 32nd year, so I guess that proves I love it! I started out as a graphic designer with University Publications, back when we didn’t really call it 'marketing.' Over the years, I witnessed a shift in the way we position and promote the university and my role changed along with it. Eventually the department of Publications became University Marketing, and I stepped into the Art Director position, just as we began developing our first integrated communications and marketing plan as well as a coordinated visual brand identity.

As part of our communications team, I develop college-level marketing plans and campaigns, and when the editors allow, enjoy headline writing. As the brand manager, I'm the go-to person for questions and guidance on interpreting and utilizing the visual brand in every area of communications coming from the university. This is done through presentations and workshops (although I'll never get used to talking in front of large groups of people) to small one-on-one meetings (my much preferred method) with various campus communicators.

I've been involved with UCDA pretty much the whole time I've been at Oregon State; from designing conference collateral, writing articles for the Designer magazine to presenting at and attending the most memorable conferences and locales out there, it's always been a pleasure and that's why I'm very honored to be on the board.

My life outside the office revolves around my family; my husband, our two adult kids (the oldest is finishing up his Ph.D. at the University of Kansas... Should I have a bumper sticker made?), and our two corgis. All the women on my side are artists/graphic designers: my mom, my sister and my daughter, Cielle, who graduated in June 2013 and is working as a freelance graphic designer in Portland, Oregon and is awesome! Hire her!

In my spare time, I enjoy creating pet portraits from polymer clay for friends (and friends of friends, and so on...). I started doing this as a way to express my condolences when people lost their pets and it has grown from there. It also offers me a balance from the digital world and an opportunity to work with my hands. My other counter-balance activity is jamming with my band, Amos True and the Easy Targets. My husband and I make up the rhythm section, me on bass and Paul on the drums. So if you are ever looking for some good ‘ole rock n roll roots music from the 50’s and early 60’s to play at you next event, Amos is your guy…er… gal? ;)