A panel of design educators from across North America reviewed the 37 entries and awarded a single first-prize and four honorable mentions.



Rodolfo Garcia-Flores, Western Oregon University
Professor: Jen Bracy

I am happy to hear that you all perceived the simple message conveyed on the poster. It was created to bring upon awareness about the importance of design in education. How design can communicate direct informative notions to inspire worldwide.

The beauty of being a designer is being able to engage society with contemporary visual designs through a commercial and socio-political lens. Form is expressed symbolically in an artistic and abstract way but Function, the balance of expression and communication, is the essence of visual design. To be a team player is to be willing to learn endlessly, the path to a unique creative process.



Ethan Fowler, University of Memphis
Professor: Gary Golightly


Nicole Lee

Lauren Nix, University of Memphis

Tan Zhao, Florida Atlantic University