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The UCDA Award was created in 1995. This stunning award, designed by emeritus member j.Charles Walker, is presented by the UCDA board of directors in recognition of those who have donated their valuable time, service and support to further UCDA’s goals. Individuals receiving this award have significantly contributed to this organization’s success.

Over the last 21 years, the board has presented only 19 awards.

This distinguished group of recipients are:

Tim Barnhart
Sandra Bate (2003)
Jean Bevier (2005)
John Brett Buchanan (2002)
Tadson Bussey (2011)
Gene Church (2010)
Charles Deihl (2010)
Dave Dryden (2015)
Barbara "Bobbi" Esmark (2014)
Julius Friedman (2013)
Tracy Fry (1995)
Richard Jividen (2011)
Judy Kirpich (1998)
Lee Kline (2010)
Mo Lebowitz (2013)
Larry Pearce (2008)
Winston Vanderhoof (2016)
j.Charles Walker (2002)
Jody Zamirowski (2005)