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UCDA relies on member volunteers for the success of its many programs and events. These dedicated volunteers work hard, have fun, and contribute immeasurably to the organization.

Committees give volunteers an opportunity to hone skills in leadership, organization, program development, design, and networking. Enhance your professional life and augment your personal growth by volunteering as a member of one of our UCDA Committees.

To join a committee, please fill out the UCDA Volunteer Form and someone will get in contact with you shortly regarding your interest in volunteering to help the UCDA achieve more. 

Committee monitors the collection of part winning competition entries, determines the appraised value of the collection, researches potential permanent locations for the collection, and facilitates the creation of future printed volumes of the Design Collection. 

Opens dialogue with design educators and students to actively include educators in UCDA programming including the annual UCDA Design Education Summit. The committee will review current programs, explore and propose new ideas, and develop and implement initiatives. 

Committees purpose is to look at the lifecycle of the membership experience from awareness to recruitment to engagement and retention. This committee, through its work, strengthens UCDA's brand in the marketplace and communicates the organization's primary brand attributes to potential and current members and partners. Utilizing both traditional and new media as practice, this committee should strive to be forward-thinking in using the most logical and effective media mix.  

Mission of the partnership and sponsorship committee is to increase awareness of UCDA and provide UCDA members with more opportunities for education and growth by seeking out partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Committee will explore partnership opportunities with various organizations whose missions are similiar to UCDA and sponsorship opportunities with various companies who offer products and services which would be benefiicla to UCDA and its members. 

Facilitates issue-oriented workshops as a source of ongoing education and professional development. Workshops provide a forum for local networking as well as serve as an opportunity to provide volunteer roles for members. The Workshops Committee helps provide instructions, guidance and information, including speaker ideas, to volunteers interested in hosting a workshop in their area; develop a schedule to align with UCDA programming; and support the organization by providing additional income. 

The Social Media Committee's purpose is to increase membership, awareness and engagement, as well as enhance brand perception, through the use of social media. This committee is tasked with the responsibility of monitoring and measuring UCDA's social media presence across all social channels in order to track and improve member and community engagement.