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The UCDA Foundation (UCDAF) provides support that enables UCDA to accomplish far more than it can alone. UCDAF funds special initiatives and programming and expands organizational opportunities to increase awareness of UCDA, its members, and the role they play in promoting education.

UCDA, the only design association created specifically for educational institutions, inspires designers and design educators working in North America and around the world. UCDA recognizes, rewards, and values its members by providing quality, relevant, and focused programming and networking opportunities in intimate and engaging environments.

A designer or design educator in education often does not have a lot of funding available for their own professional development. By choosing a career in education, our members will never be making the “big bucks” that can be found in private industry. Funds are tight.

UCDA aims to keep fees low enough to encourage broad participation through the formation of the UCDA Foundation. Through the foundation, UCDA now has a professional development scholarship program, and has sponsored programming like the new pre-conference workshop held at the National Conference in Austin, Texas.

With your support, UCDA can strengthen its programs and offer a full range of scholarships for staff, faculty and students at our many institutions of higher education.

Your tax deductible donation will help to strengthen the position of designers and design educators as key players in the world of higher education. The UCDA Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity.

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