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There’s a running joke among UCDA old-timers that more than 30 years ago three friends got together and decided to create an organization so they could give each other graphic design awards. Those who enter their graphic design work today, ironically, know how tough it is to win a coveted UCDA award.

This area contains only a sampling of UCDA’s long and rich history. If you know a story or have information you would like to see or added, or would just like to share, contact the UCDA Home Office.

UCDA Origins
See how the vision of one individual with the help of a group of friends came together to establish a much needed professional organization — UCDA.

Where has this group met over the years? Who was the president at the time? Find out here!

Speakers and Judges
Find out who has spoken at the UCDA Design Conference or judges the UCDA Design Competition. How many names can you recognize? How many have you seen?

Free Expression Resolution
In taking a stand on the issue of free expression, UCDA became the first national higher education group of communications professionals to pass a Resolution supporting free expression. This bold move took place at the 20th annual UCDA conference in Nashville when John A. Krider, past two-term UCDA president, presented the Resolution by eloquently stating, “Freedom defined is freedom denied.”