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You know that design matters.
You value the relationships and information you receive from UCDA.
You want to give back.


The University and College Designers Association relies on member volunteers for the success of its many programs and events. These dedicated volunteers work hard, have fun, and contribute immeasurably to the organization.

UCDA’s need for volunteers is your opportunity to become involved. Hone your skills in leadership, organization, program development, design, and networking. Enhance your professional life and augment your personal growth.

If you believe that design matters, and you want to support UCDA’s efforts to communicate that message to our members, our institutions, and our communities, volunteer today. Explore this website, fill out the UCDA Volunteer Form, or call the UCDA Home Office at 615-459-4559.

Listed here are some of the many ways you may get involved! Below are brief descriptions. Job descriptions may be found at left.

Board Member
Be a leader! UCDA’s member-elected board consists of eight members who determine organization policy, propose and direct long-term strategic planning, and establish ongoing programs for the benefit of the association. (four-year commitment)

Design Conference Chair
Organize and manage the activities of the annual UCDA Design Conference. Solicit speakers, develop programming, create conference collateral materials and staging. Work with the home office and board members to create UCDA’s largest event of the year. (two-year commitment)

Design Competition Co-Chair
Organize and manager the annual UCDA Design Competition. Solicit judges, develop competition call for entries, facilitate judging, design and install show at the annual conference, and introduce winners at the awards luncheon and show opening. Work with the home office and board members to create UCDA’s respected annual show. (two-year commitment)

Design Summit Co-Chair
Organize and facilitate one of UCDA’s more intimate programs. Solicit faculty, develop programming, create conference collateral materials and staging, and participate as a faculty member. Work with the home office on UCDA’s long-running program developed for designers and those who work with them. (two-year commitment)

Design Educators Summit Co-Chair
Develop and manage UCDA’s newest annual program — the Design Educators Summit. Solicit speakers and faculty papers, develop programming, create conference collateral materials and staging. Work closely with the home office to produce a program specifically addressing the issues of our design educators. (two-year commitment)

Designer Magazine Advisory Board Member
Help shape Designer magazine by contributing to each issue. The advisory board solicits and writes articles for publication, suggests content, and helps shape the editorial and design direction of the magazine. Work closely with the designer and editor of the magazine to create content useful and interesting to members.(two-year commitment)

UCDA Workshop Host
Create a day-long program for designers in your city, state or region. UCDA’s workshops provide networking opportunities for members and other designers. From focused discussion groups to featured training sessions or speakers, the flexibility of the workshop allows the program to be whatever the host wants it to be. Work closely with the home office to produce a program addressing the issues relevant to your city or region. (three- to six-month commitment)

Volunteer Coordinator (Conference)
Oversee the many smaller roles members can play at UCDA’s annual conference (from speaker introductions to registration check-ins, and everything in between). Solicit volunteers, create a volunteer schedule, and orient them to the conference program and facility. Work closely with the conference co-chairs to support the successful implementation of UCDA’s premier annual event. (one-year commitment)

Contributor to Designer Magazine
Finding it hard to commit to a term of office? You can help UCDA by contributing to Designer magazine. Profile your office or department, highlight a publication, showcase a Road Trip destination, or write a guest commentary. Articles are also accepted for the Technology, Inspiration, Practice, Education, and Sustainability sections of the magazine. (one-time commitment)

Serve on a Committee
Finding it hard to commit to a term of office? You can still help UCDA by serving on one of the many standing committees. Each committee is chaired by a UCDA Board member, and there are many to choose from. See committees list. (one-year commitment)