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The University & College Designers Association (UCDA) inspires designers working in academia in North America and around the world by delivering relevant programming and benefits in a personal and thoughtful way. The organization provides for the professional and personal growth of its members, and advocates for designer and educators roles within their institution. UCDA works to elevate the importance of design overall.

Design Matters—elevating the importance of design and designers and their impact on education

The only design association specifically for educational institutions where members are recognized, rewarded and valued

Quality, relevant and focused programming and networking opportunities in an intimate and engaging environment

UCDA was founded in 1970 as the nations first and only association for professionals involved in the creation of visual communications for educational institutions. Over the years, it has grown to an organization comprised of more than 1000 members throughout the United States and Canada.

For a number of years, the main purpose of the association was to organize an annual conference and design competition for members. In the 1980s, the association experienced a period of rapid growth through a concerted marketing effort that attracted new members, increased member retention, and established a series of important programs for the benefit of the membership.

From the very beginning, UCDA has been guided and directed through the volunteer efforts of members who have participated in the leadership of the association. These individuals have acted with concern and interest for their profession and for their fellow designers to establish new programs and benefits and to expand the professional scope and statutes of the association.

History of UCDA
Past UCDA Design Conferences, Speakers, and Judges
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As an organization, UCDA will always remain neutral on all issues of a political nature or issues that may have political ramifications. Neither UCDA nor its agents/officers/representatives shall take a political stance when representing the organization.