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The Designer Magazine Advisory Board is a group of volunteers consisting of approximately 6 UCDA members whose duties are to advise the editor (who is chair of the Advisory Board) on the editorial direction and pacing of the magazine, develop themes and suggest content for each publication. Members to the Advisory Board serve a two-year term, and are eligible to run for a consecutive term. The Board of Directors appoints members to the Advisory Board from the slate of nominees.
Duties of the Advisory Board
Board members can act as contributing editors by writing articles or assisting the editor with collecting articles for publication from other sources as well as suggesting topics for articles. The editor has the responsibility of coordinating writing assignments with the authors directly or through assignments made to the Advisory Board. Advisory Board members help with the story budget at least two issues in advance and critique each issue after completion of each issue.

Communication between the Advisory Chair/Editor and the Advisory Board will be by email, fax or phone throughout the year. The advisory board will also meet in person (for those attending the conference) once a year at the annual UCDA Design Conference.

At present time there is no budget allocated for reimbursing Advisory Board expenses.

The Advisory Board was formed to assist UCDA in developing and maintaining a high quality, relevant and inspiring member publication and to assist the editor in gathering articles for publication.

Of the six advisory board members, each be will assigned a tracks or departments within Designer magazine. Each member is also expected to assist in content submission for news briefs and member profiles. These appointments will last one year of their two-year term.

Nomination Procedure
Please send your intent of nomination by December 15 to the UCDA Home Office or to Please include the following:
• Name and all contact information
• Short biography and/or resume
• Vision statement for Designer magazine (what you would like to accomplish during your term on the board)
• Any other information you feel is important for the UCDA Board of Directors to help decide their appointment.

Production Schedule
The magazine is produced four times each year, and should follow the following schedule:

Spring Issue (No. 1)
January-Spring Designer writing/editing finalized
February-Spring Designer designing finalized
March-Spring Designer printed and mailed

Summer Issue (No. 2)
April-Summer Designer writing/editing finalized
May-Summer Designer designing finalized
June-Summer Designer printed and mailed

Fall Issue (No. 3)
July-Fall Designer writing/editing finalized
August-Fall Designer designing finalized
September-Fall Designer printed and mailed

Winter Issue (No. 4)
October-Winter Designer writing/editing finalized
November-Winter Designer designing finalized
December-Winter Designer printed and mailed

Submit your story ideas, articles, photos, or illustrations here.

Members can view past issues of Designer magazine here.