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The following candidates are running for the UCDA Board of Directors for a four-year term, starting January 1, 2018:

Gina Gray
Adam Perry

Please vote for UP TO TWO of the following candidates. Voting open through October 27.

Ballots may be returned by:

Fax: 615-459-5229
Mail: UCDA Home Office, 199 Enon Springs Road West, Suite 400, Smyrna, TN 37167

Download your ballot here.

Art Director
University Marketing and Communications
University of Dayton

Years as UCDA member: 7

UCDA experience:
• Attended every UCDA Design Conference (except one) since 2011
• Served as UCDA Design Conference volunteer
• Recruited several other members within her organization and have brought them to conferences and workshops

Describe why you would like to serve on the UCDA Board of Directors
I am eager to get involved further in this organization. It has been such a welcoming community to me since I became a member in 2011. Not only is it such a great educational resource for graphic designers but it is also unique in it’s focus on higher education. Where else will you find a session entitled “Campus Community by Design”? I am at a point in my career that I would like expand my role and involvement in the greater design world beyond my own institution. This would be a wonderful opportunity for me to do so within an organization that I already feel passionately about.

What skills or personal qualities will you bring to this role?
1. I am a good collaborator. 
2. I am fun.
3. I like people.
4. I like design. 
5. I like working for a university beyond the free tuition and half-price basketball tickets (don’t get me wrong, those sealed the deal for me).
6. I am an excellent present wrapper.
7. I can sing almost all of the songs from The Sound of Music. 
8. I am double jointed in my right hand.
9. I love beagles. Even the bad ones that run away again and again and again.
10. I make a good cup of coffee.

Not enough? In all seriousness, I have a lot of energy, passion and purpose for my work that I think lends itself well to being part of a board with a shared vision. 

How can UCDA enhance the professional lives of its members or their institutions?
Being part of a collective of college designers is an invaluable experience for both the members and their respective institutions. Not only are the sessions at the conferences and workshops educational but those events allow for networking, sharing and conversations between designers—some of whom may be the only designer in their office. These experiences can empower members back in their own workplace—anywhere from sharing what other schools are doing to possibly implementing new practices. In my own experience, I have picked up at least one small or large nugget at each conference that I bring back and use within our office, one of which had a large impact to our workflow (implementing online templates to lighten our workload and create campus consistency). Also, the swag from the resource center is pretty great.


Creative Director
University Marketing
Taylor University

Years as UCDA member: 11

UCDA experience:
• Current UCDA board member
• Current UCDA Design Summit board liaison
• Current Member Growth and Engagement Committee
• Attended every UCDA Design Summit since 2007
• Attended every UCDA Design Conference since 2007
• Served as UCDA Design Conference volunteer
• Seven time UCDA Design Competition winner

Describe why you would like to serve on the UCDA Board of Directors
UCDA rocks! Having been a UCDA member for 11 years, I have an appreciation of how much work goes into keeping this organization running. It is dependent upon the gifts and talents of many people to keep it current within the design community.

It would be an honor and a privilege to continue serving on the UCDA board.

What skills or personal qualities will you bring to this role?
• Perfectionist, which is sometimes a curse
• Craftsmanship
• Designer/Photographer/Videographer
• Strong back
• Reliable
• The belief that #designmatters

How can UCDA enhance the professional lives of its members or their institutions?
UCDA has been such an asset to our university in ways we could not even begin to express.

We need to continue networking creatives together to share and express the joys and heartaches of working at an educational institution.