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1. Recruitment/Viewbook (single/series)
    a. Complete Unit
    b. Cover Design

2. Recruitment/Other (single/series)

3. Recruitment/Art Schools (single/series)
    a. Complete Unit
    b. Cover Design

4. Academic Catalog (single/series)

5. Exhibition Catalog (single/series)
    a. Complete Unit
    b. Cover Design

6. Development Information/Fundraising (single/series)

7. Annual Report/Donor Report (single/series)

8. Special Event (single/series)

9. Newsletter (single/series)

10. Tabloid (single/series)

11. Newspaper (single/series)

12. Special Publication (single/series)
    a. Arts and Culture—e.g. Performing Arts, Fine Arts, etc.
    b. Athletics
    c. Academic and Administrative Units—Colleges, Libraries, Housing, etc.

13. Class Schedule (single/series)

14. Advertisement (single/series)
    a. Newspaper, Magazine, Display
    b. Outdoor, Transit, Billboards

15. Alumni Publication (single/series)

16. Research Publication (single/series)

17. Internal Publication (single/series)

18. Cover Design—except magazines and recruitment (single/series)

19. Poster (single/series)

20. Magazine (single/series)
    a. Complete Unit
    b. Cover Design

21. Magazine—Editorial Spread 
(2-page spread, flush mounted)
    a. Single Spread
    b. Series of Spreads

22. Book (single/series)
    a. Complete Unit
    b. Cover or Jacket Design

23. Textbook/Professional Journal (single/series)

24. Identity Program (single: logo/series: package)

25. Best use of Printing Processes (single/series)
    a. Two Colors or Fewer
    b. Three Colors or More
    c. Specialty Process—special inks, die cuts, folds, letterpress, silk screen, etc.
    d. Digitally Printed

26. Awards and Certificates (single/series)

27. Calendars (single/series)

28. Type Design

29. Environmental Graphics (single/series)

30. Exhibit/Display Graphics

31. Integrated Campaign (series only: two or more channels, e.g. print, web, video, social media, etc.)

32. Best Redesign (single/series)

33. Unpublished Work (comps, sketches, etc.) (single/series)

34. Other Print (any entry not fitting listed categories) (single/series)


Includes both traditional and digital. Photos with extensive manipulation may be considered illustration.

35. Illustration (single/series)

36. Illustration—Complete Book or Unit (single/series)

37. Photography (single/series)

38. Photography—Complete Book or Unit (single/series)


39. Published Work in Any Previous Category (single/series)

40. Unpublished Work in Any Previous Category—comps, sketches, etc. (single/series)

41. Classroom Work or Assignments (single/series)


42. Green Message (Message on sustainability as part of overall communications) (single/series)

43. Green Production (Statement of recycled paper, 
soy ink, etc., printed on piece) (single/series)

44. Green Reduction (Alternate sources used instead of printing. e.g. online newsletter, electronic information, etc.) (single/series)


45. Website
    a. Entire Site, Home Page, Landing Page, Department, Microsite, Intranet, etc.
    b. Recruitment
    c. Development/Fundraising
    d. Alumni

46. Online Magazine (single/series)

47. Online Advertisements (single/series)

48. Social Networking Site

49. Email Marketing and Newsletters (single/series)

50. Mobile Apps—phones, readers, etc.

51. Video (single/series)

52. Animation and Motion Graphics (single/series)

53. Integrated Marketing (Two or more non-print channels, e.g. web, video, social media, email, etc.) (series only)

54. Other Digital (any entry not fitting listed categories) (single/series)


55. Campaign Strategy (Successfully using design throughout a campaign to achieve specific results) (series)

56. Media Strategy (Collaboratively using media and design to achieve specific objectives) (single/series)

57. Innovative Strategy (An innovative approach in design to achieve specific goals) (single/series)


Design created entirely by staff of the institution in one or more departments or offices, not hired consultants or companies.

58. In-house Print (single/series)

59. In-house Digital (single/series)

60. In-house Team (up to six pieces, any media)