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Evolve your understanding of our unique field quarterly with Designer magazine. This award-winning publication provides ongoing professional development--delivered to your door--by tackling the issues facing communications professionals in education.

Designer magazine is a benefit of your UCDA membership, or you may choose to subscribe to the magazine annually. Please note: a basic subscription for Designer magazine does not include discounted fees for competition entries or conference or other program attendance.


As a Designer magazine subscriber or member you receive (among others):

  • A beautifully produced quarterly publication.
  • Four issues filled with inspiring and relevant stories that will aid you in your job.
  • Design Briefs: industry news and resources, quirky bits of history, book reviews, quotes, the hottest blogs and most interesting website finds.
  • Features that tackle everything from printing and web technology to inspirational leaders and issues that are germane to designers who working in the field of education.
  • The Office: a member institution profile--see how other offices are organized, the scope of their work and what they do to blow off a little steam!
  • Parting Shot: a place where we feature visual works created by our members.
  • Type A: learn about arabesques, ampersands and interrobangs?!
  • and more!

Designer magazine is always looking for submissions! Submit your story ideads, articles, photos, or illustrations

  • Strong visuals: submit your work or your students. Prints, designs, illustrations, drawings, and photographs will be considered for each issue.
  • Design Briefs: short paragraphs or blurbs containing industry news and resources, quirky bits of history, book reviews, quotes, the hottest blogs and most interesting web site finds.
  • Feature Articles: visual communication as it relates to technology, inspiration, practice, education, or sustainability.
  • Guest Commentary: share your opinion with our readers.
  • The Office: member office or department profile that highlights your office space, staff, hardware and software, courses, or how they cope with deadlines and stress.

If you have a story idea, or submission for consideration, please contact the Designer magazine editor at

Members can view past issues of Designer magazine here.