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The UCDA Discussion List was established for UCDA members (design and communication professionals working in or for educational institutions) to post questions, participate in discussions with other members, and to receive fast, convenient information from the UCDA Home Office and each other.

Types of information UCDA may provide list subscribers include programming announcements and updates, recommendations and reviews on new design tools and technologies, and other information which list subscribers may find useful.


  • Netiquette must always be observed.
  • UCDA Discussion List is not a forum for arguments or off-topic discussions. Take arguments and personal discussion to private exchange.
  • The subject line of your post to the UCDA Discussion List should reflect the content of your message.
  • Do not post attachments.
  • Flaming, spamming and other inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated.
  • No solicitation (monetary, commercial, job postings, etc.) is allowed.
  • No issues of a political nature or issues that may have political ramifications should be discussed.
  • Sign your name and institution at the end of your message.
  • Use of the list for illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
  • Send all administrative inquiries/requests (i.e. subscription status, delivery issues, etc.) to the UCDA Home Office ( Do not post subscription change requests, etc. to the listserve.
  • If you have questions regarding the UCDA Discussion List and/or the proper use of the list, please contact the UCDA Home Office ( The UCDA Board will take issues not addressed within this policy under consideration.
  • By subscribing to the UCDA Discussion List, you are confirming that you have read and agree to the terms of UCDA’s Discussion List policy statement and guidelines.
  • Participants that violate UCDA’s Discussion List policy and guidelines may be unsubscribed from the list.


To subscribe to the UCDA Discussion List
Current UCDA members may go to:

You will then receive an opt-in email to confirm your subscription. After replying to the opt-in email, your subscription will be confirmed and you will be approved to use the list.

NEW: Daily Digest
You now have the option of receiving list mail in a daily digest (instead of individually)

NEW: List Archive
Subscribers now can view an archive of past list topics (posts beginning November 9). To view the archive:

To Post a Message to List
To post questions or send messages to the UCDA Discussion List once you are subscribed, you may send an email to: ucda‑

To Unsubscribe to the UCDA Discussion List:
To unsubscribe or to edit your preferences:

If you wish to be removed from the UCDA Discussion List and have problems unsubscribing, please call the UCDA Home Office at 615‑459‑4559 or email at and we can assist you during normal business hours.