Surrounded by energetic students and inspiring scholars, designers working in higher education enjoy a meaningful and worthwhile career. Whether by creating student recruitment materials seen by high school students across the country, a billboard promoting the upcoming sport season, or a poster promoting a campus visit from a Nobel Prize winner, UCDA believes that designers working in education impact the lives of students, university communities, and beyond.

In sharing this belief that design matters, and that university designers and design educators can make a powerful impact in the world, students were encouraged to create a poster that visually communicates this idea loud and clear!

Emily Savage, Central Connecticut State University

Sidan Chen,
Wenzhou-Kean University
Liz Gallic, Central Connecticut State University

Troi Arnold, Chadron State College
Yulu Chen, Wenzhou-Kean University
Catherine Jenks, Ohio Northern University
Ilze Spilde, Kutztown University
Ziye Weng, Wenzhou-Kean University
Yixin Yang, Wenzhou-Kean University

Denise Bosler, Kutztown University
Jane Milike, Northern Michigan University
Kelly Salchow MacArthur
, Michigan State University
Kevin Smith, Aubrun University

See winning posters here.