Brian A. Friedman
Brian A. Friedman is the president of Plan F Solutions located in Cleveland, Ohio. Plan F Solutions is a consulting company lending expertise to organizations and businesses focused on transforming communities through Community Redevelopment, Creative Placemaking, Non-Profit Organizations, and Small Businesses Startups. Plan F Solutions expertise helps these organizations maximize impact in their communities. Prior to launching Plan F Solutions, Brian was the Executive Director of the Northeast Shores Development Corporation. Over the last ten years, he developed and implemented programs to increase commercial and residential investment in the neighborhood. A significant initiative of Northeast Shores is the development of the Waterloo Business District into a regional arts and entertainment district. Recently, Northeast Shores advocated and received over $9 million in public and philanthropic support to move this initiative forward. Brian A. Friedman is a graduate of both The College of Wooster and The Ohio State University. He is a founding board member for CAN Journal, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and the Lakeshore Intergenerational School.

Creative Placemaking and Community-Engaged Design
Temporary and semi-permanent design interventions are lauded nationally for their ability to transform underutilized elements of city fabric into fun and interesting spaces. Regularly framed as “Creative Placemaking,” these efforts have demonstrated how designers and stakeholders assist residents in the reimagining of blighted community assets. Brian’s presentation at the UCDA Design Education Summit will explored how these interventions are deployed to engage economically disadvantaged communities in an affordable and compelling way.

About the j.Charles Walker + John Brett Buchanan UCDA Design Education Speaker
Beginning in 2016, j.Charles Walker and John Brett Buchanan annually fund the keynote speaker at the UCDA Design Education Summit through their support of the UCDA Foundation. This national summit for design educators, chairs, and students, continues an ongoing community created specifically for graphic design educators with many opportunities for professional participation and development.

The 13th annual UCDA Design Education was hosted by Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio, May 21-22, 2018.

About the UCDA Foundation
The UCDA Foundation provides support that enables the University & College Designers Association to accomplish far more than it can alone. The foundation funds special initiatives and programming and expands organizational opportunities to increase awareness of UCDA, its members, and the role they play in promoting education.

UCDA, the only design association created specifically for educational institutions, inspires designers and design educators working in North America and around the world. UCDA recognizes, rewards, and values its members by providing quality, relevant, and focused programming and networking opportunities in intimate and engaging environments.

Plan F Solutions

j.Charles Walker and John Brett Buchanan UCDA Design Education Speaker

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