Inspiring design and getting the user's view go hand in hand. That's why we're thrilled to announce UCDA's new partnership with TryMyUI.

Kicking off this month, the partnership will open doors to innovative research and practices in the design and user experience realm. Together, we aim to advance the work of both professional designers in creative industries and students in higher education by pooling resources, tools, and expertise. We are happy to offer benefits to both audiences.

For UCDA members: Design professionals who are members of UCDA are eligible for Personal accounts at TryMyUI with 2 free test credits. Check out TryMyUI’s usability testing features and start testing your ideas to get real, actionable feedback from users!

Students, faculty, and staff in higher education will be granted free EDU accounts with unlimited testing with your own testers, including access to the full TryMyUI suite of analytics. EDU account holders enjoy benefits ranging from student internships to case competitions, curriculum supplements, and monthly resources. Check it out here.

All UCDA members are welcome to attend TryMyUI webinars, join our exclusive member Linkedin group and engage with our community on the blog and social media.

For TryMyUI customers: Team and Enterprise account holders can register and attend the annual UCDA Design Conference at the reduced partner member rate.

In addition, TryMyUI customers and EDU members can subscribe to Designer magazine, the monthly Insider newsletter, and the UCDA Listserve. These subscriptions will keep them up to date on upcoming UCDA events and opportunities.

This partnership represents a step forward in evolving best practices in design thinking, user testing, and research. We hope you will make the most of this alliance.

Questions regarding this partnership can be addressed to

For more information, contact TryMyUI