Ben Harrison, founder, CEO, and lead designer of Jonas Paul Eyewear accepted the award at the 45th Annual UCDA Design Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Created in 2009, the Krider Prize for Creativity honors creativity wherever it may be found. Recognizing that designers draw their inspiration and influences from a broad range of fields and experiences, the Krider Prize provides access for University & College Designers Association members to a variety of creative people and organizations. The Prize encourages participation from local to global arenas and provides wider public recognition of UCDA and its members.

Ben Harrison personifies this creative spirit. Ben, and his wife, Laura, have given their ingenuity to the mission of equipping children with creative, fashion-forward vision correction.

Jonas Paul Eyewear exists to provide function and new form to children's vision. Named for their son, Jonas, their company seeks to inspire style, provide purpose, and meet the needs of those who share their vision and those whose vision is compromised.

Jonas Paul Eyewear Quote
Photo by Matthew Lester

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