Director of Marketing for Housing, Dining and Hospitality, University of California San Diego
“UCDA has been a fantastic source of creativity for me, as well as a place where I could grow through the experience of booking speakers, event planning, and all of the other things that go into putting a Summit together. I have met so many amazing people through UCDA that I feel it is time to pay it forward and continue my stewardship by serving on the Board of Directors.”

Director, Student Affairs Publications, Clemson University
“In my time serving in volunteer roles for UCDA including president last year and now past president, I have learned valuable information about the organization and its unique needs. During my first four-year term, I was able to work directly to affect change for the betterment of this outstanding organization and amazing members. With this time, as well as my time working on the UCDA Designer magazine advisory board, I was able to actively work on sub-committees and initiatives I believe are making positive change.”