As I'm sure all of you know, Santa Rosa and many other nearby communities are experiencing devastating fires. The city of Santa Rosa has been hit especially hard and the museum is on the outskirts of an area that has been completely leveled by the fast-moving fires. 

Thankfully, the Schulz Museum was not destroyed but it is currently closed indefinitely while the area attempts to regain some sense of normalcy. We will likely be open to the public soon but the neighborhood will be in the clean-up and rebuilding phase for months. Because of the traumatic events of the past week, we need to postpone the workshop until a future date.

I'm truly disappointed that I won't be able to spend a fun and energizing day with you at the museum. We were all looking forward to having you visit us and we sincerely hope we'll be together here another time. Thank you for your understanding.

Jean Bevier
UCDA Member and Workshop Host
Museum Store Coordinator at the Charles M. Schulz Museum