2016 UCDA Member Print

2016 UCDA Member Print
2016 UCDA Member Print taken by Kate Bingaman-Burt All Rights Reserved.
Kate Bingaman-Burt makes work about the things we buy and the feelings we feel. The building blocks of her work include: bright colors, hand lettering, inventories of illustrated objects, and input and interaction from the communities of people who contribute to her crowd-sourced projects.

She is the Associate Director of the School of Art+Design at Portland State University, and her role as both leader and collaborator with her students is an integral part of her creative practice.

“Other People’s Favorite Children’s Books was compiled in one night when I asked the question on social media.” Kate said. “I hope that you see a few of your favorites in this print. If not, make your own list and ask your friends. I promise that a great conversation will happen!”