Adam Perry

Adam Perry


UCDA Board of Directors

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Adam Perry's Biography

Taylor University
Creative Director

I grew up in a small town in east central Indiana and, for the most part, never took any art classes in high school because I was more interested in my swimming career. I always loved to draw and paint but never considered art as a career during this time.

I attended Ball State University in the fall of 2001 without declaring a major. I spent my first semester completing my general education courses, like math for idiots. Remember, I'm a designer, I don't do math! During my first year, I felt the Lord was leading me to pursue graphic design; plus, it was the only career in art I felt I could make a living doing. The jury is still out on that one!

I had to submit a portfolio to get accepted into the art program, but with no past art experience, I submitted what any other guy with no experience in art prior to college would submit—my ninja turtle and mortal kombat character drawings (of course, because they rocked!).

Needless to say, I wasn't accepted. So I took the basic foundation courses I could without actually being in the program, and resubmitted my portfolio the next semester. I was accepted and then later accepted into the visual communication program as well.

During my time at Ball State I had three internships. Two were at Taylor University, one in what is now University Marketing with their graphic designer, Steve Christensen, and the other in the University's print shop, learning the printing process and even running the press.

After graduation I worked at a menu design company for about a month. It was pretty much the worst design experience of my life, so we won't go there. Then, a position opened at Taylor for a graphic designer/photographer. I was a shoo-in for the position.

Today I serve as the creative director for University Marketing. My job consists of graphic design, photography and videography for the university as well as collaborating with another designer and student workers and interns specializing in design, writing and videography.

My first UCDA Design Conference was in Toronto in 2007 and it was an unbelievable experience. Since then I have been to every annual UCDA Design Conference and UCDA Design Summit. What can I say? I'm hooked! Serving on the UCDA Board of Directors is a great honor and I hope to help others recognize the benefits of this organization.

Fun Facts about me:
- I'm color blind; and no, they don't hand out handicapped stickers for this, I've checked!
- I'm an Instagram fanatic—@adperry
- I have a passion for photography
- I love music—all day every day!
- I love the outdoors—hiking, canoeing, hunting, etc., you know, the manly stuff
- I married my high school sweetheart, Joy, and we have three daughters named Faith, Hope and Grace