Amy Drill

Amy Drill


UCDA Board

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Amy Drill's Biography

Lewis & Clark College
Art Director

Happy 2016 Everyone! I’m looking forward to serving as Treasurer for UCDA this year and all the new things that role will teach me. Each year I choose a word (or sometimes it chooses me). Last year it was optimism and that worked out nicely; I credit choosing that attitude with my good fortune to be chosen for the UCDA board. This year, my word is draw. I’m going to draw more. Doodle, sketch, calligraph, pen-to-paper, what-have-you. I’m eager to see where it takes me.

I've always been grateful to be connected with UCDA and I value the interactions and friendships I've made over the years. I’m generally an introvert, so the mingling, networking and social outreach—while enjoyable—push me outside my comfort zone for sure. I'm hoping to find ways to put this new-found stretching capacity to good use as a board member and help the introverts unite!

As far as the rest of the “bio”:  I'm a near-native Oregonian (having moved here at nine months old). My folks still live in the house I grew up in. I'm happily married and we have a fourteen-year old daughter who plays volleyball, so we spend a fair bit of time on the bleachers. When I was growing up I was either going to be a veterinarian or an interior designer. Turns out math and science were not my loves or my strengths and I was determined to never take calculus (which I didn't). In high school I found the newspaper and enjoyed writing features, but what really caught my attention was page layout on this newfangled doodad called a Mac. I was hooked. Off to college (Oregon State University) for a degree in graphic design and I've been fortunate to work in the field ever since my sophomore year. A couple of stints doing agency work and then I found University design. First at Willamette University and next at Lewis & Clark College (where I have been for 20 years—how time flies!). I'm the art director here and get to work with a great team doing mostly print design and photography and logo management. I love University design because I believe in the product and I enjoy building long-term relationships with my clients on this stunningly beautiful campus in Portland, Oregon.

My pastimes (beyond cheering on my kid) include travel, reading (audiobooks count as reading, so I get a lot done because I have a stupid-long commute), knitting, calligraphy, watching movies, sewing, occasional baking (but not cooking). I try to get outdoors to garden when it's nice (but I don't claim to be outdoorsy—I just aspire to it).