Amy Drill

Amy Drill

Past President

UCDA Board of Directors

Phone: 503-768-7973


Amy Drill's Biography

Lewis & Clark College
Art Director

President of UCDA. Wow.

This is an unexpected role for me because I’m an introvert. Even as a child, I leaned toward careers that did not involve public speaking: interior designer or veterinarian. Then I started writing for the high school newspaper and was introduced to this newfangled thing called a “Mac.” It was a love match. I still liked writing, but designing things with this “Mac” was what really lit me up. So, after earning a BA in graphic design from Oregon State University, a couple of stints in small agencies (where I learned I was not passionate about selling hot tubs, tires, or fertilizer), I was fortunate enough to land a job designing for a university. I’ve been happy to be in that world ever since, designing for something I really do believe in. I also was fortunate to be advised to join UCDA thanks to wise counsel from my first (and best) art director with whom I am still close. The community of designers I’ve met through UCDA (virtually and in person) has enriched, sustained, and empowered me. So much so that when the opportunity to run for the board of directors arose, I decided it was the right time in my life to say, “Yes! I’ll give that a try!” (OK ... the conversation was more like, “What? You want ME? Really? Um, OK?”) But truthfully, I did feel ready for it and it has been a wonderful experience. I’m still an introvert and the public speaking is not my favorite thing, but I know I am among friends and that it will be fine. It helps me to keep in mind the truth “You get what you give.” I am trying to give as much as I can to UCDA and I guarantee I get much more in return. I hope you, too, will consider giving a little extra of yourself to the causes, organizations (UCDA hint, hint!), and efforts that enrich your life this year.