Benjamin Wehling

Benjamin Wehling


UCDA Board of Directors

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Benjamin Wehling's Biography

Taylor University
Executive Director of Marketing

Small-town living is what I was born into and what I currently experience everyday. I'll never tire of the parades, festivals and reality of knowing and being known by seemingly everyone here in Upland, Indiana. That said, I wouldn't trade for anything the experiences I gained while attending college in the horse country of Lexington, Kentucky and the seven years following on the East Coast (Frederick/Baltimore, Maryland).

Upon graduating from Asbury University with an art/graphic design degree, a Baltimore-based defense contractor hired me as a Multimedia Specialist. There I marketed and promoted the company and produced collateral, GUIs and product branding for their multimedia division. After a few years I was assumed an administrative role at a K-12 Christian school in need of better enrollment numbers. I gained a several years of marketing and promotion experience, but not apart from also mastering the art of administering attendance policies, disciplinary action and BandAids. Those years were highly rewarding, personally and professionally.

The experience I gained as a Multimedia Specialist and Vice Principal ripened just in time for a Marketing Director job opening at Taylor University in 2008. Soon upon arriving back in my hometown of Upland, I was quickly introduced to UCDA by Adam Perry, another current UCDA board member and co-worker at Taylor. The association has been hugely influential in shaping my view of marketing, design and higher ed. Now as the Executive Director of Marketing, much of what Ive gained from membership and events has transferred to other members of our team and is evident in the success our department and institution demonstrates daily.

Outside of the office I spend a lot of time with my wife, Sarah, and our four wild boys. Our family is pretty active, always laughing, wrestling, attending sporting events or out in the woods somewhere. We love our church, our community and Taylor University... and Ivanhoes--a restaurant in town famous for offering 100 shakes and 100 sundaes!

Be encouraged to email me or flag me down at a UCDA event to swap stories. I'd love to meet you and discover the connections we might share with one another.