Matt Krob

Matt Krob

Past President

UCDA Board

Phone: 314-977-2542


Matt Krob's Biography

Saint Louis University
Director of Publications and Graphic Design

First UCDA Conference?
Minneapolis '95. (I still have the shirt...) It was my senior year at Truman State University, and I was nearing the end of my tour as a student designer in the publications office. I had heard a lot about UCDA from one of the professional designers/mentors in the pubs office, Winston Vanderhoof, and decided to take a chance and make the drive from Kirksville to Minneapolis to see what the organization was about.

Crazy? A little. But who doesn't love Minneapolis in the fall?

I'm not sure what my expectations of the conference were, but what I found was an awe-inspiring community of designers, I also think it was at this point that a seed was planted and that academia was where I wanted to be.

So that's how you ended up at Saint Louis University, right?
Not exactly. My route to SLU has been anything but a straight line.

My first job out of college was back in St. Louis (where I had lived since 1987, and swore I would not return post-college, ahhh the joys of youth) doing 'marketing design' at a now out-of-business toy company called Trendmasters.

I worked in the toy industry for two years, and then bolted for SLU when a friend called to let me know of an opening in the marketing and communications office. At last, working on a college campus! My destiny has been fulfilled, and I was only 25! What great fortune.

Except, the phone rang again. This time from a downtown design agency (which oddly enough was in the same building as the aforementioned toy company). Agency life—with its high profile clients and ping pong tables in the conference room—was enough of a curiosity to lure me from SLU after just two years. Really though, who knows what they want when theyre 27?

The agency was great. There were big clients with big budgets and exciting work to be done, but when the phone rang (again) and I was informed that my old position at SLU had opened back up—I leapt at the opportunity to return. I don't know if it was those early days in the pubs office at Truman, or the great coworkers I had left behind at SLU, but I knew that I loved working on a college campus and that it was the right fit for me.

And when your not at work...?
I have a terrific wife, two amazing daughters (ages 3 and 6) and a cantankerous, trouble-making basset hound named Albert.

I like to stay active and have been known to take part in the occasional (mini) triathlon, half-marathon, mud/trail run, etc. etc.

I love movies; babysitters, however, are expensive, so I now have a not-so-healthy addiction to premium cable.

I also love to read and have a stack of to-be-read books on my nightstand that is borderline absurd in its height.  

And for those of you who attended my pecha kucha presentation at the Montreal conference, you know I'm a baseball fan and love to score games.

I heard you also love to travel, true?
Very much so! Pre-children, my wife and I took an amazing trip to the Netherlands and Belgium and look for any opportunity to see new places. I also plan to travel to San Antonio, Texas, this fall, I've heard there's some pretty cool stuff going on there!