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Professional development scholarships are designated for new members who have never attended UCDA's design conference and long-term members who also would benefit from the professional development opportunity. This will foster opportunities for new- and long-term members to come together and network at the design conference. These scholarships are offered to help offset the expense of attending the annual conference. Annually, the board will determine the amount [not to exceed the cost of full-conference registration] and number of scholarships to be awarded. At least 50 percent of the scholarships will be available for new members. Scholarships will be awarded based on the recipient(s) professional development benefit potential. This is not a cash scholarship, but will go towards the recipient's conference registration fee.

The UCDA Foundation will award up to four scholarships—two for new members and two for long-term members. Each scholarship will be in the amount which covers the registration costs for the UCDA Design Conference. PROCEDURES
Eligibility Guidelines-New Members

  • Eligible recipients include any UCDA member who has not previously attended an annual conference and has been a member for less than two years.
  • Applicant must be a UCDA member in good standing.
  • Applicant must have been employed at least one year in his/her current position.
Eligibility Guidelines-Long-Term Members
  • Eligible recipients include any UCDA member with a cumulative membership of at least two years.
  • Applicant must be a UCDA member in good standing.
  • Current UCDA Board of Directors and UCDA Foundation Board of Directors are not eligible to receive a scholarship.
  • UCDA members at the same institution or company of a current UCDA Foundation Board of Director are not eligible to receive a scholarship.
  • If a recipient is unable to attend the conference, the UCDA Foundation Board may select another recipient.
  • Scholarships cover annual conference registration costs only.
  • Scholarships will not be awarded to the same recipient in consecutive years. Recipients are not eligible to apply for a scholarship the year immediately following their award.


Download a Professional Development Scholarship Application and return to the UCDA Home Office. You will need to answer the following questions:
1) What are your current work responsibilities?
2) What are your future professional plans and goals?
3) What professional areas do you feel you most need to develop?
4) How will attending the conference benefit your professional growth?
All applications must be returned to the UCDA Home Office no later than June 15.
Selection Process
All eligibile applications will be reviewed by the UCDA Foundation Board of Directors, based on the applicant's professional development benefit potential.
Scholarship recipient(s) will be notified by July 15.
All recipients of professional development scholarships will be publicly recognized during the annual conference.

Scholarship Application  [LINK]