2014 UCDA Member Print

2014 UCDA Member Print
2014 UCDA Member Print taken by Joyce Gabriel All Rights Reserved.
Joyce Gabriel grew up in South Dakota, went to college in Minnesota and since 1981, along with husband Tim Gabriel, has called Oregon home. Albeit her degree in education didn’t lead her to teach, a passion for graphic design took her from pro ts to non pro ts and onward into higher education. Hired at Paci c University in 2000 she became a UCDA member and quickly found her “clan.”

Having learned about trading cards (actual size 2.5”x3.5”) from an art professor, she has been creating them for family and friends ever since. Not merely to trade, but to give as tiny greetings with big wishes. XO.

Prompted by a fellow artist friend, last spring she created an artcard a day for 52 days. An entire deck destined for playing cards, and here, a number of favorites for my clan.

By day, Joyce is creative director at Paci c University, and by night she strives to take time for art and encourages others to do the same.