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Check out some of the photos that were taken during the UCDA Design Education Summit that have been posted on the UCDA Facebook page. Be sure to tag yourself or share!

Download the proceedings from the 2017 UCDA Design Education Summit. (updated June 23, 2017)

There was interest during the UCDA Design Education Summit to have presentations available for attendees after the program. UCDA reached out to all the speakers and those who provided their presentation are highlighted below. (updated June 23, 2017)

If you are a speaker and would like to have your presentation included, please email your file to and include your presentation number.

1. Integrating Non-Traditional Materials into the Design Process (6.2 MB)

2. You’ve Been Chopped CROPPED: Opening the Mystery Basket of Resourcefulness and Play in Design Education

4. Operating System Design Project: The Successful Integration of Interactive Design and 3D Printing 

5. storydoing (13.9 MB)

6. Rediscovering the Visual Intersections of Graphic and Fabric Design

7. Creating a Student Run Pop-Up Shop

8. Web + Typography: Weaving Together Tradition and HTML/CSS (2.2 MB)

9. Fusing Hand and Hi-Tech for Hi-Touch

10. Tangible Narrative Objects through Graphic Systems and Laser-Cuttings

11. Creating a Rigorous Graphic Design Foundation Course: Preparing Diverse First Year Visual Communication Students for Success

12. I YOU / YOU ME: The Meaning of the Material

13. From Painting with Twigs to Parallax Scrolling: Translating Print to Code in a Cross-Course-Collaboration

14. Operational Metaphors and Input Biases of Design Software: Old Promises, New Challenges (2.2 MB)

15. Cross-Cultural Designs: Balancing Hand-made Craft with Machine-made Precision

16. From Craftsmanship to 3D Render—A Hybrid Package Design Experiment

17. Trianimals

18. Designing for Death: Playful Design Thinking for a Solemn Subject

19. Designing and Coding Explanatory Visualizations for the Web

20. New Typographic Experience in the Post-Digital Age with 3D Printing and Ceramics

21. Branding in the Fab Lab

23. Creating a Campus Culture of Creativity: Doodle Day

24. A Study of Practical Plans for Motion Graphics as Interactive Content

25. Panel: Graphic Arts in the Liberal Arts: Presented by Design Incubation

27. Workshop: Pencil + Pixel + People: Handmade Type and Collaborative Methods

28. Workshop: Zine Workshop with Joan Reilly

29. Stasis in Motion: Teaching Balance of Craft and Technology in Animation  (x.x)

30. See it. Hear it. Smell it. Taste it. Touch it.

32. Developing Creative Programming, Recruitment, and Retention High School and University Partnerships

33. Graphic Design Education for New Media

34. Avoiding “Sameness” in Web Design

35. Artists Against Hunger: Community-Based Graphic Design

36. Illustration to the Rescue (2.2 MB)

37. Panel: Is Design really Art? Or has Elvis left the building?

38. Workshop: Lettering Rebellion!

39. Workshop: Sketchnoting 101

40. Workshop: Creation and Interpretation

41. Re(visiting) the Heart of the Letter

42. Analog and Digital Fabrication in 3D Typography

43. The Space that Lies Between (2.2 MB)

44. Research? But I’m an artist! (2.2 MB)

45. Panel: Unconventional Conventional: Letterpress Printing in Design Education

46. Workshop: UX Methods for Beginners

47. Workshop: Recycled Alphabet Workshop