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We know you get inspiration from your peers, your clients, your campuses, and your communities. We also know that hearing from a fellow designer on what they find inspiring can jump start an idea or two. Why not take a look at what some superstars of the design world have to say? UCDA's Designer magazine offers exclusive interviews with—and articles about—world-renowned artists and designers to inspire you.

Alice Bybee
Alice Bybee remains a passionate advocate for non-profits and social responsibility since making the move from full-time do-gooder to graphic designer.

Lou Dorfsman
Legendary designer Lou Dorfsman died in October 2008 at the age of 90. His career with the Columbia Broadcasting System spanned more than 40 years, and his contributions to the field of visual communications were far-reaching.

Marc English
Austin filmmaker/writer Cary Roberts referred to Marc English as "the Stanley Kubrick of design." Step Inside Design magazine calls him "the Johnny Cash of AIGA," referring to him as "teacher, preacher, shaman, showman."

Julius Friedman
Julius Friedman, a longtime friend and honorary member of UCDA, is the subject of a recently published book entitled Julius Friedman: Images & Ideas.

Milton Glaser
Milton Glaser's iconic and lasting creations have spawned thousands of imitations. UCDA talks with the design legend.

Mo Lebowitz
Mo Lebowitz plays bluegrass music. He writes wine reviews. He's a big fan of Mozart. But above all, Mo knows type. It is hard not to resort to the words "renaissance man" to describe Mo Lebowitz.