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Growth Matters
Professional development opportunities through conferences and workshops
Professional affiliations with partner member organizations
Networking opportunities

Resources Matter
Online membership directory
Online design resources
Members-only design resources
Job posting service (and available positions)
Insider newsletter (monthly UCDA news, calendar, and job postings)

Inspiration Matters
Designer magazine (printed quarterly and online)
UCDA membership print (a limited-edition print done by designers, photographers, or illustrators)
Inspiring Designers (inspiring online stories and interviews)

Connections Matter
UCDA Discussion List
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr)
Networking at our UCDA Design Conference, UCDA Design Summit, UCDA Design Education Summit, UCDA workshops, or other programs.

Money Matters
Discount on program registration fees (save up to $200 on conference; up to $50 on workshops)
Discount on design competition entry fees (save up to $40 per entry)
Discount on job placement fees (save $75 off non-member rates)

Professional development scholarships (scholarship available for UCDA Design Conference)
Reduced membership rate for design faculty (faculty save $45 compared to professional rate)

Reduced membership rate for students (students save $155 compared to professional rate)
Free .design domain for the first year; reduced rates after

2-month free trail with Skillshare; 20% off annual premium membership