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Create epic apps without coding.

Using Appspotr, you can quickly build custom apps for iOS and Android without compromising on quality or design.

UCDA faculty members (and their students) and/or UCDA Design Education Summit attendees can use Appspotr during their years of education as a tool for app development for free (with an extended trial period of 3 years on any app created).

The offer also includes discount codes for students and faculty members that wants to publish apps they have created. The discount is valid for one year.

Note: Normally Appspotr has a 30-day free trial and after that it costs $47-63/month per app. With this UCDA partnership, all students can use the Appspotr platform with $0 cost for creating apps within the Appspotr subscription during their years of education. Appspotr will not include 3rd party fees e.g. from Apple, Google (or other similar party), 3rd party plugins or features used within the Appspotr platform or potential fees e.g. traffic fees for data or similar that can appear when publishing apps.

1. Faculty members and students may login at
2. Use the signup code UCDA_APPS
3. This entitles user to extended free trial to quickly build custom apps
4. If / when you are ready to publish an app, contact UCDA at for verification and a promotion code