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The Society of Illustrators, founded in 1901, has had a long and distinguished history. The Society’s involvement in illustration, contributions to community service and student scholarship, annual exhibitions and recognition of the greats in the field of Illustration, welfare fund and stand on legal issues, sketch classes, lecture series and social gatherings support our mission and commitment to support the field of illustration- past, present and future.

The mission of the Society is to promote the art and appreciation of illustration, as well as its history and evolving nature, and to encourage high ideals through exhibitions, lectures, education, and by fostering a sense of community and open discussion.

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Letter of agreement regarding a strategic alliance between the Society of Illustrators (SI) and the University & College Designers Association (UCDA)

  • Whereas both organizations (the UCDA and the SI) together represent designers and illustrators
  • Whereas both organizations share the same objectives with regard to defending, promoting and developing the work of professional designers and illustrators
  • Whereas both organizations wish to exercise greater influence at large

The SI and the UCDA agree to form a strategic alliance to accomplish the following:

  • Allow their respective presidents or their duly authorized representatives to attend the other association’s annual general meeting as a non-voting participant.
  • Speak out with one voice on key issues and projects and agree on a jointly mandated representative to carry out these duties.
  • Ensure the free flow of information between the two associations regarding common issues, and provide their respective members with any information deemed relevant (e.g. professional guidelines, standard agreements, code of ethics, etc.)
  • Whenever possible, allow members of each association to benefit from any agreements, discounts and privileges negotiated by the other association (price reductions for conferences, contests, subscriptions, insurance, etc.).
  • This agreement or alliance does not require either party to pay any amount of money or dues to the other party, and it will remain valid until such time as either party asks for its dissolution.


SI members have been assigned the following membership number for their use: SI10

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